Winter Safety Tips for Truckers

This Thursday marks the official first day of winter, which can be a challenging time for our clients. So we’ve found two helpful articles for truckers to survive the winter season, on and off the road.

5 Winter Survival Tips for Truckers

We chose this blog because it’s written by a seasoned trucker, giving insights that can be very helpful to the first-timer. From bringing extra pairs of gloves to investing in a better sleeping bag, there’s a lot more to truck driving in the winter than just what you should be doing while driving. Click here for tips on staying warm and comfortable in the cold.

Are You Prepared? Important Winter Weather Driving Tips for Truck Drivers

The weather is different all over the country during this time of the year. Truckers need to be ready for more than just snow. Click here to learn more tips related to driving in winter weather, like low visibility and slippery roads.

Winter conditions can cause costly accidents or worse. Here at BIG Truck Agency, we urge you to put safety first before making a dangerous decision.

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